Students must meet a number of requirements in order to obtain a major or minor in Political Science. We strongly urge students to become familiar with them.


B.A. in Political Science (Suggested 4-Year Academic Flowchart)

Please see the attached letter about the POLS Department's use of the CBF funds for this year.  The department reserved seats in a number of required courses for POLS majors with the allotted funds this year.  Please see this letter.

Tentative Course Offerings

We provide a list of classes that we tentatively plan to offer in the 2017-18 academic year.

Major/Minor Requirements

All Political Science majors must take an array of classes that meet the course requirements for the major. For non-majors interested in minoring in Political Science, the department offers Global Politics (Dr. Anika Leithner Advisor) and Law & Society (Dr. Allen Settle Advisor) and Political Science (Dr. Matthew Moore advisor) minors. For more information about requirements, see the Major/Minor Requirements page. 

For students' convenience, the department constructed four curriculum flowcharts to guide students in understanding recommended and required course sequences to graduate in a timely manner. These flowcharts can be found in the right-hand column on this page. The current Cal Poly catalog lists the courses required for the Political Science major and for each of the minors.


All majors must declare a Concentration on a particular area within Political Science. For information about Concentrations, see the concentrations page

In order to use the academic "flowchart" for assisting you with your course schedule and requirements, please visit the following Cal Poly webpage.

Senior Projects

Majors must complete a Senior Project, which is a capstone experience--such as an independent research project--that each student completes under the supervision of a faculty advisor. For more information, see our Senior Projects page.

Department Learning Objectives

The Cal Poly Political Science Department prepares students to become informed active citizens. Undergraduate and graduate programs emphasize the comprehension of political thinking, the application of communication and analytical skills, and the understanding of cultural diversity. For a complete list of Department learning objectives, please click here.

Graduation Evaluations

In order to graduate, you must complete a Graduation Evaluation. The evaluation can be obtained from the POLS main office.

Political Science Department Academic Integrity Policy

The Political Science Department has an academic integrity policy that applies in addition to univeristy academic integrity policies. It is the obligation of students to be familiar with and abide by this policy. Click here for details of the Department's policy


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