Tentative Course Offerings 2019-20

Schedule is very tentative and subject to change. Check back often for updates.

Download the Tentative Course Offerings 2019-20 (PDF) updated 5/20/19

Course Description F W S Faculty
POLS 111 California Constitution and Government X X   Staff
POLS 112

American and California Government 

X X X Staff
POLS 180 Political Inquiry X X X Pierce
POLS 225 Introduction to International Relations X X   Barclay/Mulholland
POLS 229 Introduction to Comparative Politics X   X Zhang/Mulholland
POLS 230 Basic Concepts of Political Thought X   X Denbow/Cravens
POLS 245 Judicial Process X   X S. Andrews
POLS 285 Model United Nations X     Arceneaux
POLS 295 Foundations of Mock Trial X     Cooley
POLS 308 Collective Violence & Conflict Resolution   X   Leithner
POLS 310 Politics of Ethnicity & Gender   X   Williams
POLS 315 The American Presidency X     Pierce
POLS 316 Political Participation X     Latner
POLS 317 Campaign & Elections     X Latner
POLS 319 United States Congress   X   Den Hartog
POLS 321 Comparative Political Culture     X Zhang
POLS 324 International Relations Theory - - -  
POLS 325 Global Political Issues X X   Arceneaux/Zhang
POLS 328 Politics of Developing Areas - Latin America/Asia   X   Arceneaux
POLS 329 Ancient & Medieval Political Thought - - -  
POLS 330 Modern Political Thought - - -  
POLS 331 Contemporary Political Thought - - -  
POLS 333 World Food Systems X   X Hurt
POLS 334 Jurisprudence   X X Moore/Staff
POLS 338 Critical Issues in American Politics   X X Cravens
POLS 339 Authoritarian and Democratic Rule   X   Arceneaux
POLS 340 American Judicial Politics  - - -  
POLS 341 American Constitutional Law X   X Arrington/Settle
POLS 342 Constitutional Theory   X   Den Otter
POLS 343 Civil Rights in America X X X Den Otter/Denbow
POLS 344 Civil Liberties X X X Den Otter
POLS 347 Politics and Popular Culture X     Leithner
POLS 348 Early American Political Thought     X Moore
POLS 349 Contemporary American Political Thought X     Denbow
POLS 351 Public Policy and Administration   X   Andrews
POLS 359 Research Design X X X Arrington/A.Andrews
POLS 361 Quantitative Methodology X X X Battle/Pierce
POLS 375 California Politics X     Den Hartog
POLS 380 Israeli-Palestinian Conflict   X   Leithner
POLS 381 Peace and War     X Arceneaux
POLS 382 Comparative Foreign Policy     X Leithner
POLS 383 Politics of the European Union     X Leithner
POLS 384 Comparative Law - - -  
POLS 385 Advanced Model United Nations   X X Arceneaux
POLS 386 Government Internship X X X


POLS 387 Research Internship X X X Staff
POLS 395 Advanced Mock Trial   X   Cooley
POLS 400 Special Problems for Adv Undergraduates X X X Staff
POLS 417 Feminist Legal Theory - - -  
POLS 419 Social Movements   X   Williams
POLS 420 US Foreign Policy   X   Hurt
POLS 425 Political Corruption - - -  
POLS 426 International Organizations and Law - - -  
POLS 427 Politics of the Global Economy - - -  
POLS 428 Issues/Topics - Politics of China     X Zhang
POLS 429 International Relations - Civil Military Relations LA - - -  
POLS 430 Theory - Non-Western Political Thought X     Moore
POLS 431 Issues/Topics - Constitutional Design, Political Psychology X   X Arrington/Pierce
POLS 435 Political Communication - - -  
POLS 440 CA Bill Project - - -  
POLS 445 Voting Rights and Representation   X   Latner
POLS 451 Technology and Public Policy   X   Hurt
POLS 452 Technology and Intl Development X     Hurt
POLS 457 US Reproductive Politics     X Denbow
POLS 459 Politics of Poverty X     Williams
POLS 461 Senior Project I X X X Staff
POLS 462 Senior Project II X X X Staff
POLS 470 Selected Advanced Topics - Grant Writing (2 units)     X Warren
POLS 471 Urban Politics   X   Settle
POLS 500 Independent Study X X X Staff
POLS 510 Research Design X     Lowham
POLS 515 Public Policy X     A.Andrews
POLS 518 Public Policy Analysis   X   Battle
POLS 540 Leadership & Management      X Warren
POLS 550 Regulatory and Economic Policy   X   A.Andrews
POLS 560 Quantitative Methods     X Battle
POLS 568 Special Topics in Public Policy - CA Cyber Challenge   X   Lowham/Leithner
POLS 586 Policy Internship     X Lowham
POLS 590 Graduate Seminar X X   A.Andrews/Battle
POLS 595 Comprehensive Exam Prep     X Lowham

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