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Navigating the Law School Process

Oct 10, 2016

Navigating the application process for Law School. 

The panelists included, Wendy LaRiviere, Asst. Dean, Monterey/SLO College of Law; Jennifer Denbow, Cal Poly POLS, Law School Advisor and faculty member; Brian J. Stack, Attorney at Law for Carmel & Naccasha; Kara Stein-Conaway, Associate Attorney at Stein, Casciola & Galambos; Heather Whitham, Attorney at Law for Carmel & Naccasha.  

Heather Whitham moderated the Law Panel discussion for the October 13 event. 

The panelists discussed the process of choosing and applying to law school, tips to prepare yourself for taking the LSAT, also some informative  suggestions about pathways to keep in mind while in law school as well as career paths to think about after. 

Some of the panelist shared their experiences about why they chose law as a career. They spoke about how the choice affected them as well as their families. They also gave advice to current students considering law as a career path themselves. 

Part of the Political Science Alumni Board's, "How does it Really work?" Series.

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Without Borders: CLA Speaks - Jon A. Shields

Oct 6, 2016

Elephants Without Borders: Conservatives in the Academy

Jon A. Shields        

6 P.M., Thursday, Oct. 13
Baker Building (180, Room 107)

Few seem to think conservatives should become professors. While the left fears an invasion of their citadel by conservatives marching to orders from the Koch brothers, the right steers young conservatives away from a professorial vocation by lampooning its leftism. In this talk, Jon Shields will discuss what has been described as the “first reliable study of academic conservatives.”

Jon Shields is associate professor of government at Claremont McKenna College and coauthor of Passing on the Right: Conservative Professors in the Progressive University. His commentary has appeared in the Los Angeles Times, New Republic, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and the Weekly Standard.

This event is free and open to the public. 
Event sponsored by Cal Poly College of Liberal Arts (CLA), the Modern Languages and Literatures Department and the Political Science Department.

Spring 2017 POLS/MPP Commencement Reception

Jun 12, 2016

Saturday, June 17th, 2017

More information to come!

Eggs, Embryos, Women: Technology and the Reproductive Economy

May 10, 2016

“Eggs, Embryos, Women: Technology and the Reproductive Economy,” featuring Martin Luther King, Jr. Professor of Law, Lisa Ikemoto. May 10

Dancing the Nation: Exile, Mobility and Displacement along the Thai-Burma Border

Apr 25, 2016

“Dancing the Nation: Exile, Mobility and Displacement along the Thai-Burma Border,” featuring Moscotti Fellow for Graduate Studies of Southeast Asia, Tani H. Sebro April 25.

ULA Pizza Party

Apr 7, 2016


Apr. 7, 11am to 12pm in Erhart Ag. 10, Room 223

Join the Undergraduate Law Association for an informal pizza party to get to know other students interested in going to law school.

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Digital Democracy Platform Launches New Interactive Features for 2016

Mar 29, 2016

Digital Democracy Platform Launches New Interactive Features for 2016 Cal Poly’s Institute for Advanced Technology and Public Policy adds new features to their open government platform including floor sessions, proactive email alert system, custom video editing.

Mock Trial Advances to Nationals

Mar 2, 2016

Cal Poly’s Mock Trial Team A received an honorable mention at the regional competition with a record of 4-3-1. They were given an open bid to the national opening round championship series. On the team, Deeksha Kohli received an All Region Attorney Award. Rod Rahimi and Chloe Loomer received All Region Witness Awards. In addition, Cal Poly Team B received an honorable mention at the regional competition with a record of 4-4. On the team, Erin Chazer received an All Region Attorney Award. Congratulations to the Mock Trial team and good luck at Nationals!

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Campaigns 2016: Two Great Forums for Cal Poly Students

Feb 22, 2016

March 3rd

Join us for these two exciting events!

Governed Through Choice

Feb 22, 2016

Dr. Jennifer Denbow, and interlocutor Dr. Brian Beaton, engaged in a lively and engaging discussion of Dr. Denbow’s new book Governed Through Choice. Dr. Denbow’s book centers around the argument that having more choices doesn’t necessarily make us more autonomous or free. Using reproductive politics, politics and law to investigate the interconnections between technology, communities of expertise, and law and policy, Dr. Denbow and Dr. Beaton explored competing traditions of autonomy and the use of technology and information, particularly as it applies to instances of reproductive health.

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