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Alumni Spotlight: Q&A with the California Cybersecurity Institute’s Danielle Borrelli 

Danielle Borrelli (Political Science ’11, Master of Public Policy ’17) is helping lead the charge to address our nation’s national cybersecurity crisis as the Operations Coordinator for the California Cybersecurity Institute (CCI). Partnering with the tech community, private corporations, public agencies, and academia, Borrelli and the CCI work to craft a novel workforce prepared to combat the ever-growing online threat landscape.  

In a seemingly technology-dominated field, Borrelli uses her expansive liberal arts background to spearhead national and international anti-human trafficking work, coordinate trainings for law enforcement officers and the public, and conduct research.  

Borrelli recently sat down with us to discuss the paths that led her to the CCI and her thoughts on some of her greatest career achievements.  

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Credit: Nicole Troy

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