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Student Travel

Students at SSRIC Conference
Students presenting at the 44th annual
SSRIC Conference in San Francisco, CA.

Your gifts helped defray some, and in many cases, all of the travel costs for 17 individual trips. 

Students attended the Bioneers Conference, Humanity in Action’s “Social Justice in Public Health and Healthcare” Conference, the Energy Efficiency and Demand Management in a Decarbonized World Workshop, Climate Reality Leadership Corps, the Gender Race & Sexuality Undergraduate Conference, and the Society for the Social Studies of Science Conference.

In addition, we helped fund travel for students for three internships and one alternative break trip.

Six students were invited to compete at the 44rd Annual Social Science Student Symposium at SFSU:

  • Hopkins, Jack: “Government Involvement in the Commercialization of Low Earth Orbit.”

  • Gunnlaugsson, Ethan: “The World Bank: More Harm than Good?”

  • Lee, Vivian: “An Analysis of the Implications of a Low Fertility Rate or Low Birth Rate”

  • Meyer, Emily: “The American Hegemon’s Roel and Responsibility in Cybersecurity.”

  • Raj, Shafali: “International Trade in the Context of Development.”

  • Rulloda, Anna: “2018 Congressional Candidate Twitter Analysis.”

Additionally, two graduate students presented at the 2019 Western Political Science Association Annual Conference:

  • Esparza, Elizabeth: “Technology-Based Solutions in Food Redistribution.”

  • Feld, Elissa: “Implementation and Policy Learning: Applications in Social Policy.”

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