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Settle to Retire After 47 Years at Cal Poly

Allen Settle

I still fondly remember Constitutional Law class. We were so lucky to have some of the best instructors in those years.

— Robert Sly (Political Science, ‘72)

— By Elizabeth Lowham

This June, Professor Allen Settle announced that after 47 years of service, he would begin the retirement process, transitioning to emeritus professor and decreasing his teaching for the department. Allen has been a vibrant presence in the department since 1970. In the 10 years I have been at Cal Poly, he has served as a crucial keeper of institutional memory and support for junior faculty. Allen served as the department representative when many of us went through the promotion and tenure process, advocating for our professional success and tenure. Importantly, at least for me, Allen was generous in creating space for more junior faculty to make decisions about the department, allowing us to create our own careers and participate in shaping the future of the department. He was both knowledgeable about the history and growth of the program and college, but also so open to our ideas and vision. Students are often impressed with Allen’s passion for politics at all levels and his ability to connect daily events to bigger picture themes and topics in his courses. His ability to translate his passion for politics to his students is nothing short of inspirational.

Thank you, Allen, for all you have done for the students and faculty of the Political Science Department! We would not be the same without you!

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