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POLS 470: Surfing & the Law

New course will be taught by Professor Sada Andrews.

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Political Struggle in Latin America: Seeking Change in a New Era of Globalization

Read about Professor Arceneaux's new book here!

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Following the Path to Policy Change

Read Dr. Giordono's report here

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Dr. Lee Epstein will be visiting from USC

Friday, February 10th from 3pm-5pm in Bldg. 180, Rm. 102

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Open Forum on the Fellows Programs

Thursday, January 12 from 11am to 12:00pm Bldg. 186, Room C100

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Professor Zhang will be presenting her most recent research at the University Salon (formerly Harvard Salon) this Saturday

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Mock Trial Tournament

Our Mock Trial Team will host an on-campus tournament January 28-29

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Annie applied her global perspective and political science skill set to exciting interdisciplinary problem-solving.

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Update on Professor Latner

Professor Latner has served as an expert witness for plaintiffs in the state of Ohio contesting their biased state legislative maps.

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POLS 430 for Winter 2023

How should we see disability? As being about bodies/minds that are not able to do certain things, or being fundamentally about the social response to body/mind differences.

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Dr. Giordono’s Research is Focused on Public Policy Decisions

– How policy changes arise and how such changes impact individuals, families and communities – especially in the face of economic and climatic shifts.

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Professor Arceneaux Takes Cal Poly Students to Study Abroad in Spain

Professor Arceneaux is also publishing a new book, Political Struggle in Latin America, which traces the struggles of marginalized groups in the region from the colonial period to today.

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