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Copies of Paideia are free and currently available from the Political Science Department's main offices.

If you would like to request a copy by mail, please email us or call 805-756-2984.


Paideia joined Cal Poly's roster of student journals

Created during the 2013-2014 school year as a senior project, Paideia is the Political Science Department’s academic journal, which features undergraduate student papers as well as accomplished alumni.

The journal serves four purposes:

  1. Showcase student work and alumni success
  2. Connect alumni with current students
  3. Create opportunities for students to enter the professional world through academic publication
  4. Promote the successes of the Political Science Department through tangible representation

The first three volumes of Paideia have been immensely successful. The first volume featured alumna Kelli Seybolt, who was named the 2014 College of Liberal Arts Honored Alumna as a result of her work in foreign policy and international relations with the U.S. Coast Guard. The second volume was chosen to present at Cal Poly’s inaugural More than a Motto Conference, which showcased student Learned by Doing experiences. Paideia’s third volume will be soon featured on the Cal Poly Digital Commons website, where students’ papers can be accessed around the globe.

Submissions are currently open for the fourth edition until February 11th, to be published in Spring of 2018. 

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