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Student Authors

Shafali Raj Cal Poly PaideiaCyber: The Ultimate Political Weapon

Shafali Raj

Shafali Raj is a fourth-year Political Science major concentrating in Global Politics and is pursuing a minor in Comparative Ethnic Studies. She is involved with the Liberal Arts college as a CLA Ambassador and is involved with the Political Science Department through the POLS Student Advisory Committee. Recently, Shafali joined AmeriCorps VIP and also completed an internship as a research and program development assistant for WITH US, where she is now serving as the organization’s Education Coordinator and will begin full-time service next quarter. After graduating in Spring 2019, Shafali is eager to apply to graduate school and gain further experience in the NGO and non-profit sectors.

Lorenzo Waller Cal Poly PaideiaU.S. Energy Independence

Lorenzo Waller

Lorenzo Waller is a fourth year Political Science student graduating in Spring 2019. Lorenzo is currently completing an Individualized Course of Study in Political Economy for his concentration within Political Science, as well as a minor in Economics. His academic focus on macroeconomic changes and predicting their effects on both the public and private sectors is reflected in his undergraduate research. Lorenzo is from Seattle, Washington, and enjoys spending time outdoors surfing, fishing, and hiking. Post-graduation, Lorenzo plans on either moving back to Seattle, or to the Bay Area, to work conducting macroeconomic market research.

Abby Ahlgrim Cal Poly PaideiaA Vegan Exploration of Social Movement Theory: Individual Action, Collective Participation, and Social Change

Abby Ahlgrim

Abby Ahlgrim graduated from Cal Poly’s Political Science program in December of 2018 with a focus on Critical Food Studies and a double minor in Environmental Studies and Gender, Race, Culture, Science and Technology Studies. During her years as an undergraduate, she was President of the Real Food Collaborative, a Cal Poly student community dedicated to advocating real, local, seasonal, ethically and sustainably sourced food for students in the Cal Poly community. Abby enjoys her dedication to a vegan diet and lifestyle and is a strong advocate for veganism as a social movement. Post-graduation, Abby is planning to be traveling in South America, visiting friends and exploring the beautiful world we live in.

Bailey Barton Cal Poly PaideiaEffects of the RHYA on LGBTQ Homeless Youth

Bailey Barton

Bailey Barton is a fourth-year Political Science major concentrating in American Politics. Outside of class, Bailey is involved with writing-intensive campus organizations like Mustang News, where she writes opinion pieces, and the California Bill Writing Class. Her research and writing interests include urban politics, regional economic development, affordable housing, social movements, environmental policy, and urban inequality. After graduating in Spring 2019, this summer Bailey will continue her second year as an environmental planning intern for the PA Department of Military and Veterans Affairs Bureau of Environmental Planning. In Fall 2019, Bailey will begin attending UC Irvine, where she will study Urban and Regional Planning with a concentration in Housing and Community Development. 

Kieran Althus Cal Poly PaideiaNature vs. History: The Fight for National Park Designation

Kieran Althus

Kieran Althus is a fourth-year student at Cal Poly graduating this June. He will earn a BA in Political Science with a concentration in American Politics and have minors in both music and biology. He’s originally from Culver City, CA, but Kieran plans to spend this summer in the eastern Sierra Nevada mountain range surveying plants. After this, Kieran wants to take a gap year before pursuing a master’s degree. In his free time, Kieran loves to study plants, read, and practice both tuba and guitar.

Robin Sawka Cal Poly PaideiaThe United States' Pursuit of Regime Change in Venezuela

Robin Sawka

Robin Sawka is a senior majoring in Political Science with a concentration in Global Politics. Throughout his undergraduate degree, Robin has directed much of his research on topics surrounding American international relations. With a strong interest in history, Robin believes his strong suit lies in connecting events of the past with the current issues we face today. As a world traveller and immigrant to the United States, Robin also believes that he is particularly good at avoiding his western bias when conducting research on different cultures. As he prepares to apply for a Master’s degree in Public Policy, Robin continues to look for experience-developing opportunities. In his free time, Robin likes to enjoy the outdoors with his dog, and likes to mountain bike, freedive, and hike.

Jack Hopkins Cal Poly PaideiaWhat Does Special Forces Usage Demonstrate About U.S. Foreign Policy Goals?

Jack Hopkins

Jack Hopkins is a fourth year Political Science major and Spanish minor. Based on his main scholarly interest in studying the dynamics of global power, Jack is completing his Political Science concentration in Global Politics. Jack is originally from Redwood City, California, and his hobbies include backpacking and traveling. After graduating from Cal Poly this Spring, Jack plans on making the transition to working in government or policy advocacy.

Emily Meyer Cal Poly PaideiaNew Colonialism in Developmental Aid

Emily Meyer

Emily Meyer is a fourth-year Political Science student with a concentration in global politics. Emily will graduate in June of 2019 and hopes to attend graduate school in Europe. Emily is originally from Pleasant Hill, California, but her family’s roots in Sweden inspired her love of international affairs. She hopes to study international security with an emphasis on cyber security and risk management at graduate school, with the goal of being a security analyst at the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security. Emily’s personal interests include reading, open-water swimming, and traveling.

Amy Holmes Cal Poly PaideiaIntellectual Property Theft and its Impact on the US-China Relationship

Amy Holmes

Amy Holmes is a fourth year Political Science major graduating in June 2019. She will graduate with a Pre-Law concentration and French and Global Politics minors. At Cal Poly, Amy is the Executive Editor of Paideia, Political Science Club President, a member of the Pi Sigma Alpha honors society, and a member of the Phi Alpha Delta pre-law fraternity. Originally from England, Amy grew up in Yucaipa, California. Her academic interests in international affairs stem from her international upbringing. She studies intellectual property law and international affairs, and this fall she will move on to law school. Amy’s personal interests include baking, reading, and traveling.


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