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Volume Two

Student Authors:

  • Ashley Stephens — Climate Change: Effects on the Use of Biotechnology in Agriculture
  • Sarah Glendon — Sunshine: A Case Study on Elderly Female Homelessness
  • Olivia Bauer — The Toothless Convention: The Lack of Political Will to Update the Biological Weapons Convention
  • Matthew Nestle — A Normative Positivism: Linking Structural and Procedural Principles to Conceptions of Authority using Hart’s Rule of Recognition
  • Emily Matthews — United States’ Lack of Environmental Foreign Policy
  • Cody Pajunen — Lone Wolf Radicalization: Mechanisms and Triggers of a Process Driven Radicalization

Featured Alumni:

  • Charles Bell — Deputy City Attorney for San Diego
  • Linda Barger Bodenlos — Corporate Knowledge and Communications Branch Chief of the Chief Information Office for the USDA Forest Service
  • Patrick Hale — President and CEO of PHC Group Inc.
  • Amanda Robinson — Community Outreach Extraordinaire for AR Consulting
  • Hans Poschman — Program and Fellowship Specialist at the Institute for Advanced Technology & Public Policy
  • Katie Hoselton — Intern for Hagar International in Vietnam

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