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Copies of Paideia are free and currently available from the Political Science Department's main offices.

If you would like to request a copy by mail, please email us or call 805-756-2984.

Paideia Submissions


Who Can Submit?

  • Undergraduates: Political Science Majors and Minors
  • Graduates: Masters of Public Policy Students 

What papers are considered for publication?

  1. Book Reviews
  2. Senior Projects
  3. Comparative Papers
  4. Op-Ed Pieces
  5. Personal Experience Essays
  6. Master Theses
  7. Papers written anytime during your time at Cal Poly.

When are papers accepted?

  • Submissions are currently open for the seventh edition, to be published in the Spring

What format should the papers follow?

  • At least 1500 words in length (or about 4½ double-spaced pages)
  • Must relate to Political Science in some capacity

How Do I Submit?

There are two avenues through which your paper may be brought to the attention of Paideia: through a professor recommendation or through self-submission.

1. Professor Recommendation: A professor may, upon grading papers for a class, recommend an exceptionally outstanding paper.

  • If a professor recommends your paper, you will be copied on an email the professor sends to the journal.
  • Once you receive a recommendation by a professor, you will have 7 days to accept the recommendation. In order to accept a recommendation, you must submit your paper to the journal via the submission form.
  • If a professor recommends your paper you will automatically be bumped into the second round of the editorial process.

2. Self-Submission: To submit a paper, fill out the submission form.

  • While a professor recommendation is by no means necessary to submit a paper, it does serve as a screening process for the editorial board. Therefore, if you wish to submit a paper on your own accord, please include an abstract.
  • Self-Submissions must include an abstract following the cover page, but preceding the actual paper. This abstract should briefly (approx. 100-300 words) explain the purpose of the work and provide a basic context that allows the reviewers to better understand the material at hand. 
  • The paper does not have to be written for a class. However, all papers—whether written for a class, recommended by a professor, or written for leisure—will be reviewed by the same high standards.
  • Please note, that you may submit more than one paper for publication consideration.

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