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Volume One

Student Authors:

  • Kristin McCarty — Building a Better Soldier: Human Enhancement Technologies in the 21st Century
  • Andrew Smith — Richelieu and World Trends
  • Katie Hoselton — The Tragedy of Textiles: Exploring the Actors Responsible for the Exploitation of Workers in the Global Garment Industry
  • Joi Sullivan — An Assessment of Israel’s Military Capability
  • Katie Magnus — Policy Implications of the Authorization for the Use of Military Force: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles?
  • Zachary Antoyan — Bourne’s Message Revealed: Using Charles Tilly’s War Making and State Making as Organized Crime to understand Randolph Bourne’s unfinished fragment on The State

Featured Alumni:

  • Lisa Haines Heppelman — Vice President of Public Affairs for Disneyland Resort
  • Melissa (Pratt) Pedroza — Deputy District Attorney for San Bernardino County
  • Kelli Seybolt — Direct of International Affairs and Foreign Policy Advisor for the United States Coast Guard
  • Jessica Wilson — Grants Director at Washington Strategic Consulting

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