Become a Capital Fellow

The Capital Fellows Programs are outstanding opportunities to engage in public service, prepare for a future career, and gain experience under a seasoned mentor.

On January 12, Nadia Esperanza Navarro-Brown, Outreach and Special Projects Coordinator, will offer insight into the Capital Fellows Programs for interested students. The Capital Fellows Programs consist of four individual fellowships:

Jesse M. Unruh Assembly Fellowship

California Senate Fellows

Executive Fellowship Judicial

Administration Fellowship

The deadline to apply for the Capital Fellows Programs for the 2023-2024 year is February 6. If you would like to learn more about the Fellowship Programs for this or future application cycles, this presentation will provide insight into the application, selection processes, and overall experience. More information on the Capital Fellows Programs can be found at

Presentation by Nadia Esperanza Navarro-Brown

Thursday, January 12

11am to 12:00pm

Bldg. 186, Room C100

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