Pre-Advisor Checklist


Please complete the following items BEFORE you meet with either your faculty advisor or your academic advisor to plan your class schedule. This will save time for you and your advisor.

  1. If you have been sent a curriculum sheet with the courses marked off that you have completed, please bring it with you to your advising appointment.

    If you have not yet received a curriculum sheet from the university you will need to obtain a blank copy of the curriculum sheet for your major and catalog year. Usually your catalog year coincides with your start date at Cal Poly (unless you entered Cal Poly as a transfer student). Check with the Office of Academic Records (805-756-2531) or the Evaluations Office (805-756-2396) if you are unsure of your catalog year. POLS majors can obtain blank copies in the main office (Building 47, Room 14).

  2. Cross off all courses you have completed at Cal Poly and/or for which you have received transfer credit from another college, university, or advanced placement. Be sure to write in their unit values as well.

When the above items have been completed, visit your advisor during walk-in hours. Bring all items mentioned above with you for your meeting with your advisor.

Additional helpful information

Check your current schedule on regularly to make sure that any courses you have added or dropped are reflected. Never assume a professor will drop you if you don't attend a class. Be sure to drop yourself though the CPReg and always check your schedule to make certain the withdrawal went through. It is a good idea to print out your final schedule of class on the last day of the add/drop period just to double check your status in all courses.

Check your grade report on at the end of every quarter. Pay attention to any notices on your grade report. Such notices will indicate actions you may need to take prior to registration for the next academic quarter.

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