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Welcome to the Political Science Club!

This club is focused on welcoming everyone who is interested in politics regardless of political affiliation or field of study. We strive to create an environment where all students feel welcome and are bonded by their shared fascination of all things political. Our goal is to boost civic participation while also engaging students from diverse disciplines with various career paths in the field of Political Science. We work closely with the Political Science Department and our Advisor to communicate all the opportunities that we have as Political Science students here at Cal Poly. 

The Political Science Club has regularly scheduled meetings and will also be planning speaker nights, social events, and creative ways for students to engage with their democracy, major, professors, and each other this year.

Our club will be meeting on the 1st Monday of each month. and will have regularly planned social events and guest speakers throughout the year. Please feel free to reach out for more information, and join our GroupMe for updates on our events/meetings.

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Email: polsclubcp@gmail.com

Instagram: CPpolsclub

GroupMe: Political Science Club

Advisor: Dr. Ning Zhang

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Wesley Newhart Wesley Ahumada Newhart 

Major: Political Science major with a concentration in Global Politics and a double minor in City and Regional Planning and Spanish

Year: 5th

Position: President

Bio:I am from Helena, Montana, and transferred from Montana State University to Cal Poly in 2021. In addition to my duties in the Political Science (POLS) club, I am also a student intern in the Office of Univ. Diversity and Inclusion, a Latin American Studies Student Assistant, Treasurer of the Phi Sigma Iota Foreign Language Honors Society, and an avid baker. I am currently applying to graduate schools for Urban Planning and love to talk transportation policy.

Role: As President, I’m in charge of running meetings, delegating duties, and serving as a liaison between ASI and Political Science club.

Most Excited for in the Upcoming Year: Bowling with Professors! I love this event and will be spending the weeks prior working on my throw. 

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Joey Tran Joey Tran

Major: Political Science, concentrating in American Politics, minoring in event planning and experience management

Year: 4th

Position: Vice-President

Bio: I'm From Modesto, California. Aside from my involvement in the Political Science Club I am also a 2nd year College Corps Fellow, serving at San Luis Obispo's Office of Substitutability and Natural Resources. 

Role: As vice president, I help the president of the club plan and execute events. I also help the rest of the officers when needed.

Most Excited for in the Upcoming year: I am very excited to meet new members and plan fun social/professional events!

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Scott DrouinScott Drouin

Major: Political Science 

Year: 2nd 

Position: Treasurer 

Bio:  I am from San Diego, California where I was born and raised. Aside from my role in the Political Science Club I represent the College of Liberal Arts on the ASI board of Directors. Some of my interests are baking, makeup artistry, and going to the beach.

Role: As Treasurer, I oversee the financial aspect of the club. I place orders for club supplies and anything else that is required. I also ensure that the club is following the correct financial procedure. 

Most Excited for in Upcoming Year: I am excited to work with the board to pan events and meet other politically minded students and POLS department and staff.


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Paloma NavaPaloma Nava

Major: Political Science 

Year: 2nd

Position: Communications and Outreach Chair

Bio: I am from Grover Beach, California, so I have been surrounded by Cal Poly my whole life. My internets are reading, crocheting, surf and landscape photography, hiking, and going to the movies.

Role: As the Communications and Outreach chair, I manage our webpage, run our social media accounts, and publicize our meetings and events to our network. I also work closely with other officers on strategic growth initiatives and planning and promoting events throughout the year.

Most Excited for in Upcoming Year: I am very excited to work with my fellow board members and club members to create long lasting club traditions, and document them with my camera. 

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