Helene Shanruo Ning Zhang

Ning Zhang

Special Advisor to China Programs


  • Chinese Political Culture, Political Discourse, and Political Text
  • Hermeneutics and Interpretive Social Science
  • Discourse Analysis and Text Analysis

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About Helene Shanruo Ning Zhang 张善若

Dr. Shanruo Zhang is Professor at the Department of Political Science, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, United States.  Her research interests include theory and methodology of political culture, Chinese and Confucian political culture, discourse analysis, epistemology and methodology of philosophical hermeneutics and Interpretive Social Science and their application in empirical analysis of political culture and political text.  She is currently working on developing Wen-Shi-Zhe Hermeneutics (文史哲诠释学) as a framework to analyze and interpret the Chinese style of political communication, analyzing “Legitimation-Hegemonization-Representation” as a Speech Act Trio exercised by political leaders in various political cultural contexts, as well as exploring epistemological and methodological approaches and resources that may enhance “Inter-Civilizational Communication” between China and the West.   

Helene Shanruo Ning Zhang's CV


  • Ph.D., Political Science, University of California, Santa Barbara (2007)
  • B.A., School of International Relations, Beijing University, China (1999)

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