Kevin Simmt



  • Comparative Politics
  • Research Methods
  • Political Economy


  • POLS 229 Intro to Comparative Politics
  • POLS 359 Research Design
  • POLS 361 Data Analysis in POLS

Contact Information


Ph.D., Political Science, Ohio State University (2021)

M.A., Political Economy of International Development, University of Toronto (2012)

B.A., Political Science, Queen’s University (2011)


Welcome! My name is Kevin Simmt and I hold a Ph.D. in Political Science from The Ohio State University. I specialize in Comparative Politics and Methodology, with emphasis upon political economy and quantitative analysis.

My research examines the regime-specific challenges that governments face when attempting to implement optimal tax policy. My political economy research informs further research into public policy and the optimal design of democratic institutions.

In the classroom, I have previously taught Comparative Politics; Research Design; Data Analysis; and the Politics of Public Policy. I strive to teach “complex ideas, simply put”. As well, I place special emphasis on project-based and experiential learning – with my original computer simulation game, Eschaton (inspired by a chapter of DF Wallace’s Infinite Jest), being a prime example.


Simmt, Kevin. "A Theory of Taxation." Doctoral dissertation, Ohio State University, 2021.

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