POLS Concentration and Minor Forms

The Political Science Department has 4 unique concentrations and 3 minors

Students who need to complete their Concentration form or who choose to complete one of the Minors in Political Science should schedule a preliminary conference with the applicable advisor listed below. Following initial consultation (currently via email/zoom/etc.), the student will be emailed a link from the corresponding advisor that will take them to the Concentration/Minor Agreement Form. They must complete and sign the Agreement Form using the link that will be provided. This will require signatures from the faculty advisor and the department chair. The form will automatically be routed to the registrars office to be recorded.

Concentration Advisors


U.S. Politics – Michael Latner

Global Politics – Anika Leithner

Pre-Law – Ron Den Otter

Individualized – Jean Williams

Minor Advisors


Global Politics – Craig Arceneaux

Law & Society – Ron Den Otter

Political Science – Matt Moore


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