Student Travel

POLS Department: Student Travel Guidelines   

  1. Decisions about IRA-related travel should be made by the faculty advisor. Generally, IRA-supported activities should fund their own travel from IRA funds. Exceptions may be granted in extraordinary circumstances.   
  2. For department-funded travel out of our discretionary funds: 
    • Department travel support for students is budgeted at around $500 per trip, which includes a per diem of $50 and lodging expense no more than $125/night.  
    • Students can apply for extra support by writing to the Department Chair with justifications, with the understanding that such requests may or may not be accommodated.   
    • The Department’s funding can be used towards airfare, food and lodging, conference registration fees, and other strictly speaking professional expenses.  No souvenirs (such as mugs, t-shirts) nor personal effects (such as outfits, jewelry) are considered allowable expenses.   
    • An itemized pre-authorization should be submitted to and approved by the Department Chair before the trip.    
    • MUN and Mock Trial could use discretionary funds to support one “Alumni Board Dinner” on their competition trips.  The dinner should be budgeted at between $25-$35 per person.  

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