Denae Hollar Uses Trip Abroad as Senior Project Research

As spring quarter of 2021 wrapped up, political science senior Denae Hollar began preparing for her upcoming trip to a remote farm in Costa Rica. Originally planned as a volunteer trip, Hollar started thinking about how she could use this experience as research for her impending senior project on democracy and global food security.  

“I was already really interested in learning more about global food security, and it happened to be a coincidence that I was going to Costa Rica to volunteer on a farm,” Hollar said. “I had the idea, so I talked to my advisor Shelley Hurt on how I could turn this [trip] into a field observation.” 

Under a time crunch, Hollar quickly approached Associate Professor Shelley L. Hurt on how she could use this experience to answer the complex question: How can the developing world achieve food security in the 21st century? 

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Credit: Nicole Troy, CLA Communications

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