Dr. Michael Latner Gives Expert Witness Testimony in Ohio Supreme Court Gerrymandering Case

While multiple stories from local news organizations discuss the new San Luis Obispo County redistricting map, political science Associate Professor Michael Latner is playing a key role in the redistricting of Ohio.

As an expert witness with the Brennan Center of Justice, Latner has been charged with analyzing the redistricting maps for Ohio, after which he must decide whether the maps favor one political party over another. So far, Latner has reviewed and analyzed four different sets of maps put forth by the Ohio Redistricting Commission, all of which he found to be biased. Additionally, he has analyzed maps proposed by third parties and other political scientists.

Gerrymandering refers to the biased redrawing of district lines to favor a certain political party or class. According to Latner, the Ohio Redistricting Commission itself is unbalanced in terms of party representation, with seven Republicans and just two Democrats.

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Credit: Sophia Lincoln

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