Interested in applying for Graduate School? We are here to support you!

October is Cal Poly’s Graduate School and Fellowship Month when different departments and units of the University provide a variety of info sessions and training opportunities for students who are interested in applying for graduate school.  POLS’s Graduate School Advisor, Dr. Shelley Hurt, has selected five out of this year’s program (see below) for you!  POLS will also hold our own Grad School Info Session to address issues specific to our discipline. (October 17th, 11:10AM-12:00PM, Location Bldg. 10, Rm. 124)

From Professor Hurt: "As the department’s Graduate Advisor, I am excited to encourage and assist Political Science students to pursue graduate degrees in Political Science, Public Policy, International Relations, and related fields. The department is committed to ensuring that Cal Poly graduates thrive in their chosen career paths by seizing opportunities to acquire either a Master’s or doctorate in Political Science or a related field.  A POLS graduate degree enables students to advance much further in their careers in both the public and private sectors.  The Political Science Department experiences an outstanding record of success with students pursuing graduate degrees across the United States and abroad. As the Graduate Advisor, I am happy to advise and assist students with the application process. Please contact me for more information.” 

Professor Hurt's Contact Information


Recommended Events for Applying to Graduate School

  1. Writing Work Party on Monday, October 2nd 
    11:10AM - 12:00PM
    Online Meeting ID: 994 3377 7264

  2. Graduate School 101 on Tuesday, October 3rd
    3:10PM - 4:00PM 

  3. Preparing for Graduate School Application Process on Friday, October 6th Meeting ID: 965 4466 1711

  4. Graduate and Professional School Fair on October 19th
    Virtual (Handshake) 

  5. How Does Graduate School Funding Work? on Monday, October 23rd
    Online 883 6250 1116 

  6. POLS Grad School Information Session with Professor Hurt on October 17th

    11:10AM - 12:00PM

    Location 10-124


Click Here for a Full List of Events During Grad School Month

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