Join Us in Welcoming Professor Leanne Giordono, the Newest Addition to our Tenure-Track Faculty

Dr. Giordono is particularly interested in how communities with disadvantages to inclusion and prosperity (e.g., poverty, disability, education, age, race/ethnicity, etc.) influence and experience public policy decisions.

Dr. Giordono comes to CalPoly with a unique combination of expertise in both social policy and environmental policy, yielding a publication portfolio that reflects these dual interests. In the area of social policy, she has conducted multiple studies of income assistance and employment policies, including Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, Earned Income Tax Credit, and Disability Supports and Services. Her environmental policy research has focused on community responses to extreme weather events and related support for climate change policies. She hopes to integrate these two areas of interest in the future by examining how social policy programs are responding to the risks posed by climate change and extreme weather.  

Prior to pursuing her PhD, Dr. Giordono spent almost fifteen years providing program evaluation and other applied research services to public-sector and non-profit clients. She loves both scholarly and applied research, and is looking forward to opportunities to engage in both at Cal Poly! 

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