Meet the Board

Cal Poly Mock Trial Board Members 2018-19

Alexis Flores, Cal Poly Mock TrialAlexis Flores

Major: Political Science, Pre-law Concentration

Year: 3rd

Position: President

Role: I’m in charge of this awesome program! I make sure everything runs smoothly with stacking teams, recruiting new members and presiding over club meetings.

Favorite thing about mock trial: I love competing. I think the nerves that one gets going into a trial is such a valuable experience. It’s made me a stronger public speaker, as well as a quicker thinker. I also like meeting and competing against people from other schools. It’s a nice way to meet new people and challenge yourself outside of our program.

Elizabeth Paxson, Cal Poly Mock TrialElizabeth Paxson

Major: Agriculture Business

Year: 3rd

Position: Vice-President

Role: I coordinate tournament bids and intercollegiate practices for teams.

Favorite thing about mock trial: I love meeting new people and connecting with them, as well as getting to travel with friends.

Juan Moreno, Cal Poly Mock TrialJuan Moreno

Major: Political Science and Statistics 

Year: 3rd

Position: Treasurer

Role: I manage the Cal Poly Mock Trial budget and spending. I work closely with the department and College of Liberal Arts to receive sufficient funds for the program.

Favorite thing about mock trial: The long-lasting friends you make and the amount of real, applicable experience you get from arguing the law in a courtroom setting.

Marco Tueros, Cal Poly Mock TrialMarco Tueros

Major: Political Science, Pre-law Concentration; Ethnic Studies Minor

Year: 4th 

Position: Secretary

Role: Keep track of all decisions made during executive board meetings that affect the club, make sure we have the proper paperwork ready to be able to compete in tournaments and to get the ok from the university, and communicate any major executive board decisions to the rest of the club.

Favorite thing about mock trial: My favorite thing about mock trial is the people I’ve gotten to know and the bonds I’ve made. After weeks of practice and hours upon hours of travel and competition, you really get close with your teammates and end up becoming more than just a team. I appreciate the atmosphere and joy that each person brings to this club!

Shekinah Deocares, Cal Poly Mock TrialShekinah Deocares

Major: Political Science, Business Law & Politics Concentration; Ethics, Public Policy and Technology Minor

Year: 4th

Position: Marketing Chair

Role: I’m in charge of the mock trial brand! I manage our website and social media pages, create flyers, marketing materials, and other mock trial design-related things, and I work with fellow board members to increase community recognition and engagement.

Favorite thing about mock trial: The people in mock trial have become my family. Sometimes things get rough and conflict arises, but it’s made the sweet moments that much sweeter. I’ve met incredible, intelligent, and hard-working people who I know I can count on. Plus, I’ve become so much more confident in myself and better at public speaking — wouldn’t trade it for a thing.  

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