POLS 229: Introduction to Comparative Politics

Professor Kathryn Mulholland

Many of you are majoring in different disciplines, such as Business, Philosophy, Journalism, and Political Science, and I am very excited to have such a diverse group of students this quarter! I look forward to getting to know all of you and helping you achieve your educational goals. For starters, Introduction to Comparative Politics is a foundational course in the subfield of Comparative Politics; it is a course that introduces you to the study of different political systems in the world, while applying various comparative methodologies. As a subfield of study, Comparative Politics lies within the broader discipline of Political Science(POLS), which studies politics scientifically. In this course, we will explore challenging questions, such as “Why did the British vote to leave the European Union?” and “Why do countries differ in their social and economic development?” We will also study how countries are dealing with contemporary challenges, such as changing demographics, immigration, international trade, and climate change. This focus on the domestic politics of various countries will give you the tools to critically analyze political events and processes,as well as to formulate reasoned conclusions in addressing political issues and problems. My hope is that you find this course interesting, challenging, and very worthwhile.


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