POLS 245: Judicial Process

Professor Brett Savage

The purpose of this class is to introduce students to the fundamentals of American law and the American legal system, including legal terminology, the structure of the court system, the common law, precedent, legal procedure, legal reasoning, legal education, the legal profession, criminal law, civil law, judges, and juries. Although I have not assumed that any of you plan to attend law school, you must keep up with the reading and attend class to do well. POLS 245 is not easy even though it is introductory. The skills that you will begin to develop are applicable to any profession that requires critical thinking, careful analysis, effective communication, clear writing, and the ability to put together an argument to defend a conclusion. Additionally, this course should deepen your understanding of the role of law in America and the nature of legal argumentation in a common law system like our own. The in-class examinations, paper, lectures, and class discussions are designed to serve this end.

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