POLS 451: Technology and Public Policy

Professor Shelley Hurt

Technology and Public Policy addresses the growing complexity of science and technology policy in the 21st century. It introduces students to the historical influences and contemporary challenges that shape the trajectory of science and technology policy in the American context primarily and in reference to global political economy and geopolitical developments.The course explores important questions about the role of science in determining the competitiveness of nations, and in enhancing or hampering democratic practice.We focus on real world events and the role power plays in shaping scientific and technological outcomes. While studying specific issue areas, such as robotics, geoengineering, neuroscience, biotechnology, and artificial intelligence, students examine intellectual property rights, technology transfer, public laboratories, research universities, and peer review, among other areas of public policy to understand the mechanisms that lead to technological innovation within the United States R & D system since WWII. In addition to selected essays, students read the book, Mind Wars.

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