Political Science Department Statement on Justice, Diversity, and Inclusion

As political scientists, we have a professional duty to educate our community about issues of social justice and power. The study of politics involves grappling with the most pressing challenges facing societies around the globe, especially systematic inequality and oppression. We are committed to bringing diverse perspectives to bear on the study of these issues and to creating an inclusive community. We commit ourselves and the university to respect and support students and faculty of all ages, races, cultural backgrounds, religious and secular belief systems, physical abilities, socioeconomic statuses, genders, sexual orientations, nationalities, and immigration/citizenship statuses.

POLS courses that attend to issues of justice, diversity, and inclusion:

POLS 308: Collective Violence and Conflict Resolution

POLS 310: The Politics of Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality

POLS 343: Civil Rights in America

POLS 380: Religion and Politics in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

POLS 417: Feminist Legal Theory

POLS 419: Social Movements and Political Protest

POLS 445: Voting Rights and Representation

POLS 457: U.S. Reproductive Politics

POLS 459: The Politics of Poverty

Relevant Cal Poly Links

BEACoN Mentoring Program

BEACoN is a program funded by the Office of University Diversity & Inclusivity to mentor diverse students across the Cal Poly Campus.

Cross Cultural Centers

The Cross Cultural Centers support and advocate for underrepresented students on campus. The centers include: Multicultural Center, Gender Equity Center, and Pride Center.

Office of University Diversity and Inclusivity

The Office of University Diversity and Inclusivity (OUD&I) is committed to “Making Excellence Inclusive” (AAC&U) by strategically working to enhance the campus climate through embedding diversity and educational equity in all aspects of the university.

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