Professor Arceneaux Takes Cal Poly Students to Study Abroad in Spain

News from Professor Arceceaux:  

I have several advances in my professional development to report. My new book, Political Struggle in Latin America (Springer), traces the struggles of marginalized groups in the region from the colonial period to today.

It will be published this fall. I also received a request from Routledge publishers for a ninth edition of The Other World, a book on developing countries co-authored with Anika Leithner, Shanruo Zhang, as well as Ben Timms and Sara Lopus from the Social Sciences Department. That should keep us all busy through next year.

In the classroom, I was delighted to once again bring our Model UN students to in-person conferences in San Francisco and New York last year (and will do so again this academic year). And, as much as I enjoy being at Cal Poly, I must also report that I will be away this fall as I supervise students on the Cal Poly in Spain program. It is a program I have headed before, and one that exemplifies our Learn By Doing approach as I draw students out of the classroom and accompany them on local excursions, museums, cathedrals and historic sites while we learn about the culture and politics of Spain.

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