Professor Craig Arceneaux published his book, Political Struggle in Latin: America: Seeking Change in a New Era of Globalization

In October 2022, Professor Craig Arceneaux published his book, Political Struggle in Latin America: Seeking Change in a New Era of Globalization, through Springer Publishers.

The book is written in an accessible way, and avoids jargon so as to target a general audience. The idea behind the book is that we can learn a lot about democratization in a country by focusing on the struggles of marginalized groups. Also, as part of the book series, Emerging Globalities and Civilizational Perspectives, it examines how emerging globalizing processes are setting the stage for new forms of struggle, with increased involvement of multilateral and foreign actors, increased communications through social media, new arenas of contestation within international organizations, all of which open new strategies, opportunities, and roadblocks for activists. After an introductory chapter that surveys the literature on social movements and examines the state of globalization, inequality, and democracy in Latin America, four chapters follow that each analyze the struggles of select marginalized groups, specifically the urban poor, Indigenous groups, women’s and LGBTQ+ groups, and the vulnerable middle classes. Each case is examined in the context of a distinct struggle for citizenship, identity, inclusion, and the rule of law. Political Struggle in Latin America tackles some of the most pressing issues surrounding the current politics of Latin America, including identity politics, cultural appropriation, social mobilization and protest, neoliberal reform, reproductive rights and sexual autonomy, corruption, the influence of religion and patriarchy, crime and social justice, inequality and poverty, the informal economy, and urban exclusion. 

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