Welcome Message from the POLS Department Chair

Dear POLS Undergraduate and MPP Students,

How are you?  On behalf of faculty and staff of the Political Science Department, I want to welcome you back on campus and celebrate with you the beginning of a new, exciting and fruitful academic year.   I have had many of you in my classes before.  I very much look forward to meeting those of you whom I have not met yet.  

As we put the Pandemic behind us, the administrative side of the work of our department focuses on community rebuilding this year:  further connecting our students, staff and faculty, as well as our alumni with one another and integrating everyone into the POLS community that we all feel very proud of.  We are committed to supporting and serving each and every member of our community.  We look forward to working hard through this year towards this goal.  

We are strengthening our advising efforts to provide more timely and focused attention and help to you. We are setting up events such as Grad School Info Session, Law School Info Session, POLS community mixers, socializing events with our alumni, mentorship program with our alumni, etc to keep everyone better informed and help everyone steadily progress towards your academic and career goals.  

Please find us at “POLS Cal Poly” at Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter and Instagram :) and tell your friends about it.  We will be pushing out news, event notifications, general advice, and stories of our community members steadily.  

Today, I’d like to pay your attention to two of our upcoming events: Grad School Info Session on OCT 4, Tuesday of Week 3, 11-12 and a talk on disability and political identity that our own Professor Matt Moore will be giving to the Cal Poly community.  If you are interested in joining us at the Grad School Info Session please follow the instructions on the flyer and fill out a very short survey to indicate your interests and needs to us.  Please see flyers below.  We hope to see you there!

Please let us know how we might better support you.  Feel free to email us or come by during office hours.  


Helene Shanruo Ning Zhang

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