Resiliency Project Participation

We’re glad you’re considering participating in our research project!

There are two ways to participate: (1) submit an essay or (2) submit a video. You can participate anonymously or non-anonymously. You may submit as many essays or videos as you like.

If you choose to participate anonymously, we will not collect any identifying information about you—no name, no email address, no (meaningful) IP address (explained below). No one will be able to connect your identity to your submission (unless you reveal identifying details in the submission).

If you chose to participate non-anonymously, we will collect your name, your email address, and your IP address (see below), though all of that information will remain confidential and won’t be publicized on the website (unless you include it in your submission). It would in principle be possible (but probably difficult) for other people to connect your identity to your submission.

If you choose not to participate at all, that’s fine too! We hope that you benefit from the stories of resiliency that you can read or watch on this site

IP Addresses: The software that we use to maintain this webpage automatically records the IP address that you are connecting from. Probably that would only tell us what town you’re in and what internet service provider (ISP) you use, but your ISP probably has records of which of their customers is connected to what sites at what times, so in principle it might be possible for someone (like a court) to use those two pieces of information to identify you as the person who contributed some particular submission. By following the instructions for Anonymous submission (link above), you can ensure that no one can connect you to your submission.

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