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Political Pumpkin Painting RSVP List Here


Careers in Lobbying & State Government Alumni Panel

Thursday, November 9, 2023 11:00am - 12:00pm PST

Location: Handshake

Come hear from three alumni who work in lobbying and state government in Sacramento. Learn about the different career paths in local government, the skills needed, and what you can be doing at Cal Poly to prepare for this line of work.


Link to Fall 2023 Event Calendar

Department News

Winter 2024 Class Schedule

Click here for the POLS winter schedule.

Recent Changes

--POLS 419–03 TTH 4-6pm

400 Level Courses for Winter

POLS 419- Social Movements and Political Protests

This course addresses major themes and struggles in selected social movements that have taken place in the United States from the 1960s to the present.  Through the study of such movements as civil rights, feminism, the LGBTQ movement, and immigration, the course will explore what makes collective political action possible, why social movements have emerged at specific times and places, and the effects of grassroots struggles for justice in the United States.  

POLS 420- Contemporary U.S. Foreign Policy

This course addresses major themes and struggles in selected social movements that have taken place in the United States from the 1960s to the present.  Through the study of such movements as civil rights, feminism, the LGBTQ movement, and immigration, the course will explore what makes collective political action possible, why social movements have emerged at specific times and places, and the effects of grassroots struggles for justice in the United States.  

POLS 426- International Organizations and Law

POLS 428-01- Comparative Civil-Military Relations

POLS 428-02- Advanced Topics in Chinese Politics

Much of the world’s future will be shaped by politics of and relationship between the United States and China.  Yet our American/Western understanding of Chinese politics is limited for ideological, historical, and methodological reasons.  Most importantly, the Confucian way of thinking, discussing, organizing, and practicing politics had been evolving for nearly three millennia before the country’s first encounters with the West.  A substantial part of this historical and cultural foundation was “lost in translation.”  Examining Chinese contemporary politics from historical and cultural angles, this course provides brief but penetrating insights into the cultural values that ground the Chinese polity, the historical circumstances that gave rise to modern Chinese politics, and the quintessential Confucian political characteristics that are manifested in present-day Chinese political life under the Communist banner.  

POLS 429- Middle Eastern Politics

The aim of this course is to provide a detailed and challenging introduction to the international relations of the Middle East by outlining how distortion of Islam combined with Western imperialist interests in the region has led to the contemporary climate in the Islamic world.

The study of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk’s political theory of independence, progress & peace - which he described as “a direction of peace aiming at the security of our country and which is not against any nation will always be our principle”- is of vital importance a) to set an example for the political, social and economic development of the region b) to reconstruct religious thought by utilizing Professor Ozturk’s school of thought, which unveils laicism as a principle of Quran’s Islam c) to build foreign policies based on independence, human rights, international law & peace.

POLS 445- Voting Rights and Representation

POLS 451- Technology and Public Policy

This course addresses major themes and struggles in selected social movements that have taken place in the United States from the 1960s to the present.  Through the study of such movements as civil rights, feminism, the LGBTQ movement, and immigration, the course will explore what makes collective political action possible, why social movements have emerged at specific times and places, and the effects of grassroots struggles for justice in the United States.

POLS 470- Moot Court and Appellate Advocacy

POLS 471- Urban Politics

Land Us Planning, Public/Finance/Debt, Budgeting, Intergovernmental Relations, Disaster Management (fires), Pensions, Public Safety, Litigation, Legislation, Regulation and. Ballot Measures.


Important Dates for Winter Registration

October 19 Thursday Class Schedule for Winter 2024 is available in Schedule Builder and Class Search.
October 31 Tuesday

First-year students ONLY

  • Block schedules will be made available via Schedule Builder and the Student Center by 5pm on October 31.
  • Students can plan revisions to their block schedule information in their Schedule Builder beginning on this date; students will be unable to complete the registration transaction until their enrollment appointment.
November 1 Wednesday Student Center opens for registration appointments. Students can enroll in up to 18 units and waitlist up​ to 16 units in the first round of registration
November 17 Friday

End of first round registration appointments

November 27 Monday
  • Second round of registration appointment rotations.
  • Enrollment unit limit increases to 22 and waitlist remains at 16 units.
  • Late registration fee can apply. For more information, visit Student Accounts Office.
December 4 Monday End of second round registration appointments
December 5 Tuesday Open Enrollment Begins
January 7 Sunday Deadline: Open Enrollment Ends
January 8 Monday Winter 2024 classes begin
  • Students can continue to enroll in open classes or add themselves to waitlists without permission numbers
  • Waitlist process runs twice a day (noon and evening) to enroll students from waitlists if seats open up.
January 11 Thursday
  • Last day to enroll in open classes without a permission number
  • Waitlist process runs for the last time
January 12-18 Friday-Thursday Students can enroll only with a permission number. Student Center closes for maintenance on Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m.
January 15 Monday Academic Holiday - Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday Observed
January 16 Tuesday Classes follow a Monday schedule
January 18 Thursday


  • Last day to add or swap classes via Student Center with a permission number (11:59 p.m.).
  • Last day to drop classes, and change CR/NC grading option via Student Center (11:59 p.m.).
    • *Before changing your grading option, please speak with your advisor.
  • Last day to submit class audit petition to the Office of the Registrar (5:00 p.m.).
  • Last day to log in and adjust your Degree Planner to ensure that your planned courses are included in course demand data.
    • Failing to log into Degree Planner before this date will not result in a delayed registration appointment.
January 19 Friday Late Enrollment Appeal period begins.
January 25 Thursday


Last day to submit Late Enrollment Appeal (5:00 p.m.).

Wondering Who Your Concentration Advisor Is?

**When declaring your concentration, make sure you are using the correct concentration form. The appropriate concentration form will list the name of your concentration on the top of the page. You will find all POLS concentration forms here.




PRE-LAW: DR. Ron Den Otter





LAW & SOCIETY: DR. Ron Den Otter

For more information on how to declare your major, please visit our concentrations page


Call for Applicants for the 3+3 Program with UC Law SF (formerly UC Hastings)

Third-year POLS students who wish to be considered for the 3+3 program this year must submit a brief statement of interest to Dr. Denbow at by noon on Monday, October 30. For detailed information and eligibility requirements, see:

Information Session on Friday October 27th, 11:30AM-12:30PM, Bldg. 52, Rm. E03

Pizza will be provided


Calling on all POLS students to submit your papers to Paideia, Cal Poly's own political science journal! Throughout its 11 years of operation, Paideia has reviewed and published Cal Poly students’ strongest research papers and projects into our academic journal. We are always excited to read about the research students have been conducting throughout the year and provide an opportunity for students to enter the professional world through academic publication. If you are interested in publishing your work from this upcoming school year, or a research paper you wrote last year, submissions are open now!

Please visit to learn how to submit your work or email us at with any questions you may have!

Pi Sigma Alpha – the Political Science Honours Society

If you would like to submit your application for the national honours society for political science (Pi Sigma Alpha), please submit attached application form by November 13th (we will accept members in each quarter this year).  The membership requirements for undergraduates are as follows:

* 2.8 CPSLO Cumulative G.P.A.

* 3.0 G.P.A. in Political Science courses

* Must have completed at least 15 quarter units, including one or more three-unit 300-400 level course, with at least a B in each of those courses.

Deadline is Monday November 13th.  Forms should be dropped off in the Department Office, or with Dr Battle.  If you have any question contact Dr Battle at, or in Building 47, Room 12A.  We are only able to accept cash.

Click here for membership form

Student Spotlight

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Alumni Spotlight

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Fellowship Opportunities

Capital Fellows Programs

The Capital Fellows Programs are nationally recognized public policy fellowships which offer unique experiences in policy-making and development in each branch of government.

Capital Fellows are placed at some of the highest levels of California state government and assist state legislators, senior-level executive staff, and court administrators with a broad range of public policy issues and projects and are typically given assignments with a significant amount of responsibility and challenges.

Rooted in experiential learning and public service, Capital Fellows spend 10-11 months as part of a cohort working in a Legislative, Executive or Judicial Branch office. Click here for more information

Internship and Volunteer Opportunities

CAUSE Leadership Academy Internship Program

The Center for Asian Americans United for Self Empowerment (CAUSE) is excited to announce that the application for the 2024 CAUSE Leadership Academy (CLA) is now open!

The CAUSE Leadership Academy (CLA), is a nine-week paid internship program for college undergraduates and recent graduates that prepares students and recent graduates to lead and advocate for the civic engagement and political empowerment of the Asian and Pacific Islander (API) community.

By the end of the program, interns have dramatically increased their confidence to pursue careers in community advocacy, public policy, government affairs, and public interest law. CLA alumni have developed clarity on their academic major and career path, gone on to leadership roles on campus, and shaped legislation and policy.


Some details may change as public health circumstances shift. 

DATES: June 24th - August 23rd, 2024 

STIPEND: $4,000

PROGRAM SUMMARY: The 2024 CAUSE Leadership Academy (CLA) is a nine-week, paid, full-time, in-person internship program that prepares college students and recent graduates to lead and advocate for the civic engagement and political empowerment of the API community. Interns will participate in Civic Leadership Workshops, a Host Office Placement in Southern California, a Civic Engagement Project, and the Capitol Summit.

To learn more, click here!


DEADLINE: Sunday, January 28th, 2024 at 11:59 pm PT

Applicants must complete the application including a letter of recommendation by the date listed above.

To apply, click here!

The Washington Center- Academic Internship Program

Click here for more information

Professor Shelley Hurt is the Cal Poly faculty liaison. Please contact her with any questions.

Launch a Career You'll Love.

You have the power to design your own professional path, but you still need to know what you want and how you’ll get there. That’s where a summer or semester in the nation’s capital with The Washington Center (TWC) comes in.

TWC’s Academic Internship Program is a holistic experience designed to help you gain the experience, skills and network you’ll need to succeed, all while earning academic credit.

Program Dates
Fall 2023 August 23, 2023* August 29 – December 1, 2023 December 2, 2023
Summer 2024 January 17, 2024* January 22 - April 26, 2024 April 27, 2024
Summer 2024 May 26, 2024* June 3 - August 2, 2024 August 3, 2024
Fall 2024 August 28, 2024* September 3 - December 6, 2024 December 7, 2024

*Alternate dates for check-in may be provided by your campus liaison- Professor Shelley Hurt

Application Deadlines
Spring 2024 October 4, 2023 November 1, 2023
Summer 2024 February 14, 2024 March 13, 2024
Fall 2024 March 27, 2024 March 27, 2024

San Luis Coastal Unified School District Seeking an AmeriCorps Member for AVID program

For any students graduating in December seeking experience in the education field. San Luis Coastal Unified School District is seeking an AmeriCorps member to support AVID tutors in the middle school and high school from January-June/February-July. 


Email for more information

Learn more  

Paid Job Opportunities

**Come back next week**

Other Opportunities

LSAT Workshops

Free LSAT Logic Games Workshop Wednesday, November 15 at 6:00-7:30pm PT Registration: 

Student Scholarships and Prizes

**Come back next week**

Campus Announcements

Intertidal Submissions Open to all Cal Poly Community!

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome and Navigating Your Career with Confidence- November 8th

In celebration of First Gen Day, Cal Poly Career Services invites student to attend this transformative and inspiring keynote featuring, Oscar Garcia, a first-generation professional. Oscar provides a unique perspective and understanding of how historically marginalized groups can overcome imposter syndrome and navigate their career with unshakable confidence. This highly engaging session will provide practical strategies and insightful tips to develop self-confidence and excel in your career journey. All students are welcome to attend.

Students of all backgrounds and identities will find value in Oscar's message.

Agenda: 4:30 PM (check-in, food provided)

5:00 PM keynote speaker

6:30 PM event concludes

Click here for more information.

Cal Poly HSI High Impact Mini-Grant Program for AY23-24

Cal Poly strives to be a university that enhances student success by creating a culturally rich environment of diversity and inclusion, academic excellence, and social responsibility. To further our mission of becoming an Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) that thinks critically and holistically about serving the Latinx/e community, we are excited to announce the Cal Poly HSI High Impact Mini-Grant Program for AY23-24. This program is designed to support initiatives that advance our goals of "servingness" in our efforts to become an HSI. Up to ten mini-grants will be awarded ranging from $500 to $5,000 for projects and programs that demonstrate a strong potential to holistically impact the Latinx/e community at Cal Poly.  

Deadline: Nov 30, 2023


All Faculty, staff, and students at Cal Poly are eligible to apply including individuals, organizations, departments, and units. 

Project Focus: Proposed projects should align with the mission of Cal Poly's pathway to becoming an HSI and center the experiences of the Latinx/e community. 

Grant Categories: 

Applicants may apply for mini-grants in the following categories: 

  • Educational Initiatives: Projects that enhance educational opportunities and outcomes for Latinx/e students, such as curriculum development, mentorship programs, or academic support services. 
  • Cultural and Community Engagement: Initiatives that promote Latinx/e culture, heritage, and community engagement on campus, including cultural events, workshops, and awareness campaigns. 
  • Research and Innovation: Projects that support research endeavors and innovations that address issues relevant to the Latinx/e community or contribute to the advancement of Cal Poly’s HSI status in STEM, as a Predominantly White Institution, as a CSU etc.  

More details here: here:

Baker/Koob Research Grants

The Warren J. Baker Endowment for Excellence in Project-Based Learning and the Robert D. Koob Endowment for Student Success support hands-on, project-based learning opportunities for individual students and groups at Cal Poly. All Cal Poly undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to apply for funds that may be used for student and faculty travel, student and faculty expenses associated with participation in student research, group projects, conferences, competitions, and equipment and materials related to student research. For more information and instructions on how to apply, visit

Real-Time Occupancy Rates Available for On-Campus Study Spaces

The Kennedy Library Transformation team is launching the Waitz mobile app to help increase access to Cal Poly’s study areas and make it easier to track availability of on-campus spaces, during the university’s ongoing library renovation. The mobile app will allow students and members of the campus community to check real-time occupancy of the study spaces so they can save time and know before they go. Waitz launches the week of Oct. 9 with the C-7 and H-11 study structures and will expand to the Hub24 and Sierra Madre study spaces before expanding throughout the quarter to other existing temporary study locations. Using predictive analytics, the app relays the busiest times of day for specific study areas and forecasts how occupied the space will be by the week, day or even hour, letting users know if a study site is potentially busy. All collected information goes through a data anonymization process to remove personally-identifiable information. Occuspace, the parent company of Waitz, adheres to industry-leading best practices to ensure the protection and confidentiality of information gathered. Free downloads of Waitz are available from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

October Safer Events Highlight Dating Violence Prevention

Safer colorful graphic artwork for Dating Violence Action MonthJoin Safer in October for Dating Violence Action Month 2023: “Pathways to Partnerships.” Relationships are a journey — built on communication, trust and continuous growth — and Safer’s offerings all month hope to collectively build toward a healthier standard. October also falls within the first six weeks of the new school year, traditionally considered a time of increased risk of sexual violence on college campuses nationwide. Safer’s focus will spotlight the intersection between dating and sex, particularly on college campuses. Highlighted events include weekly informal Lunch and Learns at various lawns across campus, weekly collaborative booths, a partnership with the Cal Poly Swimming and Diving Program, collaborative community events and continuous education on Instagram @calpolysafer. For more information on Dating Violence Action Month, including event registration and a downloadable Zoom background, visit Safer's website.

Support Mustangs Struggling with Food Insecurity through Feed Cal Poly

Heart reading Feed Cal Poly, help students struggling with food insecurity.Feed Cal Poly makes it easy for all faculty, staff, students and supporters to donate to Mustangs in need. Food insecurity is a very real and persistent problem on campus. Support of the Cal Poly Basic Needs Initiative through donations to Feed Cal Poly helps ensure all Mustangs have access to the resources they need to succeed. The Feed Cal Poly website makes donating quick, easy and accessible, with no limit on donation size. Simply login and follow the steps. Students with dining memberships also have the option to donate unused dining dollars through the Mustang Meal Share Program. All donors will receive a receipt for tax purposes. Watch for the Feed Cal Poly tent at events throughout campus for more ways to get involved and support fellow Mustangs.


Food Resources

The Cal Poly Food Pantry is open to all students - no questions asked. Cal Poly community members who are experiencing food insecurity or instability are welcome to shop at the Food Pantry, Monday through Friday 8:30am - 5pm.

Our mission is to work with a network of community partners to alleviate hunger in San Luis Obispo County and build a stronger community. Cal Poly hosts a SLO Food Bank Pick Up site open to all on the 4th Tuesday of every month on Mott Lawn.

CalFresh is like financial aid for food! The CalFresh Team helps determine if you are eligible for up to $204 per month to spend on groceries and at farmers' markets.

Students can receive up to $75 per quarter to assist with meals on campus at Vista Grande, Campus Market, Red Radish, Mustang Station, and PCV.

Transportation Resource


A service to help Cal Poly students travel home affordably and comfortably with other members of our student community. In October, Ryde was launched with 3 Cal Poly students and we’ve since welcomed 2,200+ Cal Poly students to our community and helped them travel 160,000+ miles across California while saving them $14,700+ in gas!

Ryde helps students connect with other riders and drivers in the community. Want to learn more about us?

About Us

Cal Poly CIE – Summer Accelerator Spotlight

Cal Poly CIE – Demo Day Pitch

Mustang New – Ryde

Cal Poly Corporation Highlight

Educational Opportunities

The University of Michigan School for Environment and Sustainability (SEAS)

At the University of Michigan School for Environment and Sustainability (SEAS), you can explore your passions and develop your potential — your way. Our small, supportive community within a world-class university provides access to internationally known faculty, extensive opportunities, and a vast alumni network all dedicated to your success.

U.C. Berkeley Political Science Department PhD Program

Are you considering applying for a PhD in Political Science?

California State University, San Bernardino Masters Programs

M.A. National Security Studies

The two-year M.A. program provides a comprehensive curriculum with foundations in strategy and strategic studies for students interested in pursuing careers with the U.S. government or with private companies. M.A. program alumni serve in many different career fields, including defense, security, intelligence, and counter-terrorism. For more information, click here.

M.S. National Cyber Security Studies

The two year M.S. program is one of the few graduate programs in the country that is devoted to the study of U.S. national cyber security. M.S. program alumni serve in many different career fields, including defense, security, intelligence. For more information, click here.

University of Oregon Masters in Education Policy and Leadership

University of Oregon a new master of science degree in Education Policy and Leadership. The program combines theoretical grounding in education policy and leadership studies, advanced methodological and analytic training, and applied and practical knowledge in students' individual areas of topical interest. You can reach out to for questions or visit their website.

Cal Poly Orfalea College of Business Graduate Programs

Faculty Office Hours and CLA Advising

POLS Department Fall 2023

Faculty Office Hours

Graduate School Advisor

POLS Department announcing new position, Graduate School Advisor, Professor Shelley Hurt, who has successfully steered many Cal Poly students to great success in graduate schools across the country from UC Berkley to Columbia University, to the London School of Economics in Britain. She is now providing advice to all interested POLS students who wants to pursue their education at the M.A. or Doctoral level in pursuit of a broader horizon of career opportunities. 

Email her or drop by during her office hours (47-11C) on Tuesdays from 1-5pm.

College of Liberal Arts Advising

CLA Advising is available to assist with registration, academic planning, general education and other degree requirements. referral to support services, advice about major changes, and academic policies and procedures.
CLA Advising Center Hours and Contact Information: 
In-person & Zoom Appointments: 
Monday - Thursday: 9:00am - 12:00pm & 1:00pm - 4:00pm
Virtual Fridays: 9:00 am - 12:00pm & 1:00pm - 4:00pm
To schedule an appointment, see website. 
Zoom Drop-In Advising: 
Monday - Friday, 10:00am - 12:00pm & 2:00pm – 4:00pm 
(hours extended during busy times, see website)
No in-person drop-in advising
Phone: (805) 756-6200


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