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Department News

Wondering Who Your Concentration Advisor Is?



American Politics: Dr. Michael Latner

Global Politics: Dr. Anika Leithner

Pre-Law: Dr. Matthew Moore

Individualized (ICS): Dr. Helene Shanruo Ning Zhang



Political science: Dr. Matthew Moore

Global Politics: Dr. craig arceneaux

law & society: Dr. matthew moore

Graduate School Advisor

POLS Department announcing new position, Graduate School Advisor, Professor Shelley Hurt, who has successfully steered many Cal Poly students to great success in graduate schools across the country from UC Berkley to Columbia University, to the London School of Economics in Britain. She is now providing advice to all interested POLS students who wants to pursue their education at the M.A. or Doctoral level in pursuit of a broader horizon of career opportunities. 

Email her or drop by during her office hours (47-11C) on Tuesdays from 1-5pm.

Our Alums

Look for the new "Our Alums" tab on our front page. We will feature new stories from POLS alumni weekly. Check out our first story here.

POLS 430 Disability, Identity and Politics

Prof. Matthew Moore will be offering a new course in Winter 2023—POLS 430: Disability, Identity and Politics.

Description of POLS 430 

The course examines ideas and texts from two social movements: the mainstream disability rights movement, which treats disability as fundamentally a problem of individual rights and discrimination; and the more radical disability justice movement, which sees disability as a central concept in any system of inequality, since such systems necessarily rely on distinguishing between those able or entitled to receive certain rights or benefits and those disabled or not entitled to receive them.  Continue Reading...

Internship and Volunteer Opportunities 

Cause Leadership Academy Paid Internship Program

The CAUSE Leadership Academy (CLA), is a nine-week paid internship program for college undergraduates that prepares students and recent graduates to lead and represent the Asian Pacific American (APA) community. 

Following the program, CLA alumni have developed clarity on their major and career path, stepped up to leadership roles on campus, and have continued on to run for political office and serve as leaders in politics, business, and nonprofits.

Paid Job Opportunities 

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Student Scholarships and Prizes

The Bert & Phyllis Lamb Prize in Political Science

The Lamb Prize in Political Science promotes the value of education by supporting and rewarding undergraduate papers that combine innovation and good writing related to policy or politics. Deadline February 17, 2023

Dr. Juan Andrade Jr. Scholarship for Young Hispanic Leaders

USHLI has awarded over $1.5 million in scholarships and internships to students from disenfranchised groups. Most notably, the Dr. Juan Andrade Jr. Scholarship for Young Hispanic Leaders seeks to recognize Hispanic students who share Dr. Andrade’s lifelong commitment to servant leadership. Application deadline November 30, 2022 @ 11:59 PM CT

Educational Opportunities

The University of Michigan School for Environment and Sustainability (SEAS)

The University of Michigan School for Environment and Sustainability (SEAS) will be holding both in-person and virtual Fall Visit Days for prospective graduate students. The in-person Fall Visit Day will take place in Ann Arbor on Friday, October 21st and a virtual Fall Visit Day will follow on Friday, November 4th. This is a great opportunity for prospective students to attend exciting presentations and both in-person and virtual meet-and-greets designed to help them get to know the SEAS community. They’ll have the opportunity to meet with leading sustainability scholars and get advice from graduate students about how to make the most of the programs at U-M SEAS!The in-person Visit Day will take place in Ann Arbor on Friday, October 21st, at 11:30 AM ET and will include a tour of campus, overview of the graduate programs at SEAS and breakout sessions for each of the different graduate programs and specializations. If you can’t make it to Ann Arbor for the in-person Fall Visit Day, we encourage you to attend our Virtual Fall Visit Day that will take place on Friday, November 4th.

U.C. Berkeley Political Science Department PhD Program

Are you considering applying for a PhD in Political Science?

California State University, San Bernandino Masters Programs

M.A. National Security Studies

The two-year M.A. program provides a comprehensive curriculum with foundations in strategy and strategic studies for students interested in pursuing careers with the U.S. government or with private companies. M.A. program alumni serve in many different career fields, including defense, security, intelligence, and counter-terrorism. For more information, click here.

M.S. National Cyber Security Studies

The two year M.S. program is one of the few graduate programs in the country that is devoted to the study of U.S. national cyber security. M.S. program alumni serve in many different career fields, including defense, security, intelligence. For more information, click here.

University of Oregon Masters in Education Policy and Leadership

University of Oregon a new master of science degree in Education Policy and Leadership. The program combines theoretical grounding in education policy and leadership studies, advanced methodological and analytic training, and applied and practical knowledge in students' individual areas of topical interest. You can reach out to for questions or vitis their website.

Other Opportunities

**Check back next week for more opportunities**

Campus Events and Opportunities



This event is for students and faculty, and also the general community.

We have a bunch of amazing speakers lined up, including

  • Danielle Arostegui, US Policy Manager at the Environmental Defense Fund
  • AC Asman of the Just Transition Alliance
  • Sarah Ray, author of “A Field Guide to Climate Anxiety”
  • David Cotterill, CSO of cBrain (the company that digitized the government of Denmark)
  • Karl Hausker of the World Resource Institute
  • The US Department of Energy
  • and Mayor Erica Stewart

We also have presentations from faculty, federal and local government, and industry (including Agriculture, Aerospace, Buildings, Transportation, and Energy).

Faculty Office Hours and CLA Advising

POLS Department Fall 2022

Faculty Office Hours and PDF version

College of Liberal Arts Advising

CLA Advising is available to assist with registration, academic planning, general education and other degree requirements. referral to support services, advice about major changes, and academic policies and procedures.
CLA Advising Center Hours and Contact Information: 
In-person & Zoom Appointments: 
Monday - Thursday: 9:00am - 12:00pm & 1:00pm - 4:00pm
Virtual Fridays: 9:00 am - 12:00pm & 1:00pm - 4:00pm
To schedule an appointment, see website. 
Zoom Drop-In Advising: 
Monday - Friday, 10:00am - 12:00pm & 2:00pm – 4:00pm 
(hours extended during busy times, see website)
No in-person drop-in advising
Phone: (805) 756-6200


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