Module 1: Understanding Challenges

Note: Unless otherwise indicated, you are expected to complete all the readings prior to class meeting times. You are   strongly encouraged to bring copies of all readings to class each day, as well as to take notes as you read. This schedule is subject to change


Welcome/Course Review

First class meeting – read syllabus & get course materials


Designing Solutions for Collective Action Problems


The Challenges Facing California


Stakeholders, Target Populations and Personas

  • Stakeholder analysis techniques
  • Ingram and Schneider, Social Construction of Target Populations
  • Social Innovation Lab Activities: Identify major stakeholders and target populations; identify the factors that determine how people and resources are currently managed in California; create profiles/personas that reveal the experiences, concerns and constraints for all major target populations; prepare “shadow” constructions of target populations/how they see themselves or how they would be constructed in an ideal system; be prepared to present them in class.

Opportunities and Barriers


Social Innovation Workshop

  • Reducing Red Tape, Improving Lives
  • Social Innovation Lab Guide, pp38-54
  • Social Innovation Lab Guide Activities: Brainstorm; niche innovations; radical innovations; “how might we” exercises; positive and negative externalities; combinations of activities; Assessment of desirability, feasibility, viability; Redesign = building greater desirability, feasibility and viability into innovations; re-presenting innovations

Challenge Brief Presentation/Discussion

Brief Contents:

Policy Challenge Identification/Description (4 points)

Identification of major trends shaping the challenge (4 points)

Stakeholder/Target Population Analysis (4 points)

Causal Triggers/Points of Leverage (4 points)

Desirable, Feasible and Viable Policy Innovations (4 points)


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