Student Led Discussion

Student Led Discussions (15 points)

Starting with Module 2, students will sign up in small groups (at least 3) and prepare a presentation on the materials covered on that day.  Each presentation must include the following elements for full points:

  1. Address the BIG QUESTIONS…While you may find it useful to provide an overview of readings via handout/newsletter as part of your class lead, your primary job is to facilitate discussion and/or other activities that engage your classmates in developing a deeper understanding of key concepts presented in the readings. You are welcome to include additional sources to enrich the activities and topics in your SLD (videos, poems, or songs).  Do not use materials from the “In Class Exercises” section.  Instead, focus on APPLYING KEY TERMS to BIG QUESTIONS.  (6 points)
  2.  Focus on how materials intersect with and differ from each other. If two authors make the exact same point, you do not need to cover it in-depth twice. It may appear to be easiest to divide up responsibilities for the class lead by article, but this will probably not make the most sense for leading discussions on your topic area.  (3 points)
  3. How does it relate?  Relate back to previous covered material to demonstrate the linkage between what students are learning now and what we have already learned.  (6 points)


 6 elements must be included in your SLD plan (no more than a two-page newsletter to be emailed to the instructor at least 24 hours before the presentation):

  1. Course Materials Addressed: Author, Title
  2. 2-3 Learning objectives: What do you want your peers to be able to understand, explain, or do?
  3. 3 Quotations: Select quotations from three of the assigned items that would be good conversation starters.
  4. Questions/Activities: In-Class exercises designed to stimulate engaged learning/reflection
  5. Additional Resources: Includes 3-4 websites, books, or articles that students may refer to if they have interest in exploring this topic further.
  6. Discussion Leader Names


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