POLS 112 Assessments

The instructor reserves the right to redesign the syllabus and some of the assignments as we move along – just as you have the right to make suggestions for readings and assignments, and, more generally, to shape our course of study.

In all cases, the instructor has designed assignments to allow you to show your ability to think critically and to comprehend and apply course material. He will know that you really understand the analytical frameworks we are exploring when you can apply them in interesting and creative ways to new situations or questions.

Assessment DATE Value
Policy Forum Self-Assessment 1/19,21   5%
Policy Forum Class-Assessment 2/9 15%
Midterm 2/11 10%
Top Hat/Class Participation/Voting Weekly 20%
Student Led Discussion/Newsletter One lecture 20%
Final exam/Review 3/17 4pm 30%
  TOTAL 100%
Extra credit – This Land Is Your Land Week 10 +2%

You are expected to turn in work that has been PROOFREAD. In all cases in which you are asked to post work online, first develop and save the work in a word processing program and then post it. Each written assignment (unless otherwise noted) should follow standard grammatical and stylistic rules for expository writing.

To complete assignments, you will need to use assigned readings, recommended readings, and additional research. The instructor is happy to meet with you to discuss how you can best develop and organize your research programs.

Your assignments will be judged based upon the following general criteria: 

Below Standards
Needs improvement
Entirely fails to comprehend the readings, class discussion, and assignment. Has no thought and reflection. Entirely unclear and incomprehensible. Has major grammatical and spelling errors. Does not demonstrate a clear or developing understanding of the readings, class discussion, and assignment. Has very little thought and reflection. Unclear and almost incomprehensible. Has major grammatical and spelling errors. Shows a partial or developing comprehension of the readings, class discussion, and assignment. Limited in thought and reflection. Is not entirely clear and comprehensible, may have grammatical and spelling errors. Shows clear comprehension of the readings, class discussion, and the assignment. The paper/project is thoughtful, and reflective, written in a clear, comprehensible style without major grammatical or spelling errors. In addition to meeting all the requirements for a B grade: Asks generative questions, i.e., questions that do not have simple answers, but that point you in the direction of some sustained inquiry. The A paper/project provides insightful synthesis of readings and class discussion, and goes beyond and adds to issues raised in class.


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