POLS 112 Course Guidelines

Make-up and Extensions Policy

Participation grades will be adversely affected if students have more than two unexcused absence per quarter. Participation grades are earned out of 10 points every week.  Any absence equals -­‐5 points for that week.   While there is no guarantee that missed class work can be made up, extensions to assignment due dates will be provided, arrangements may be made, if extenuating circumstances are involved. Whenever possible, arrangements must be made prior to the absence or assignment due date.   Appropriate supporting documentation will be required in these instances, such as a letter from the dean of your college or your academic advisor providing the details of your extenuating circumstance. If you do not make arrangements prior to the due date, late assignments – if accepted – will be penalized at the rate of 10% off per day late.

Grading Policies

The instructor’s goal is a 2-week turnaround for all grading. All grades will be posted to the online gradebook, available on the Polylearn site via the My Grades link. The standard grading scale for this course is:

A 93.5-100% B+ 86.6-89.9% C+ 76.6-79.9% D+ 65.0-69.9%
A-­ 90.0-93.4% B 83.3-86.5% C 73.3-76.5% D 60.0-64.0%
  B- 80.0-83.2% C- 70.0-73.2% D- 55.0-59.9%

From the date that any assignment or exam grade is posted, you have one week to request a formal re-grade. To request a re-grade, please submit a list of concerns with supporting evidence explaining why you feel you earned a different grade to the instructor by email and then make an appointment with the instructor.

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